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Ergo Ultra LED Handpiece


Ergo Basic Handpiece comes standard with all scalers.


Optional Ergo Ultra LED Handpiece available on all scaler models.


The optional Ergo Ultra LED Handpiece is ergonomically designed for comfort , reduces fatigue and  increases productivity. You no longer  have to squint or strain your eyes during treatments. Your visibility is improved giving you that peace of mind that everything you wanted to remove has been accomplished. Not only does the light increases treatment time efficiently it also preserves your precious eyesight.

ErgoGrip UltraLight Sleeve with Built-Len Focus Lens

Item# 5609581


· 6 LED diodes

· Lifetime of approx. 100,000 hours or more than 30 years of regular use.

· Handpiece can be disconnected.

· Full autoclavable soft and durable silicone ErgoGrip Sleeve

· Built In Lens in grip for simple cost effective changing.

· Optimal traction so fingers won’t slip.

· Guarantee excellent hygiene by sealing out deter bacteria pockets


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