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All Inclusive Mobile Dental Delivery System 


Item# VE-2N    with Suction System

Item# VE-2NL  with Curing Light


The VE-2N  Mobile Delivery System comes standard with everything you see above.

The VE-2N is an All-in-One Mobile Delivery System which only requires electrical connection. Eco-Friendly, the delivery system is equipped with a  1.2 HorsePower Oil-Free Compressor eliminating oil exposure to  patients and no messy oil changes. This sturdy height adjustable delivery system features automatic instrument selection and a deluxe dual clean water system. The VE-2N comes standard with (1) Three Way Syringe,  (1) 360° Swivel Fiber Optic Push Button Handpiece, (1) Low Speed Polisher (5K), (1) Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler with Light, (1) Saliva Ejector (Suction Unit), (2) Water Reservoirs of 2 liters each, (1) 1-quart Collection Bottle, (1) Stainless Steel  Tray, Starter Kit: (1) Friction Grip Bur Starter Kit; (1) Handpiece Lubricant; (3) High Volume Ejector Tips; (3) SoftFlex Suction Tips; (1) Adaptor for  HVE to Softflex; (1) Eco Vac Suction System Cleaning Solution; (10) Prophy Angles + (1) Polishing Paste sample  and a Consolidated Foot Control with Suction System On/Off button.

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  Table Top & U Frame Compressor
 External Dimensions (in) 18.75" L X 17" W X 37" H (extended) 17.75"L X 8"W X 19" H
External Dimensions (cm) 47.625 L X 43.18 W X 93.98 H 45.085 L X 20.32 W X 48.26 H
Packaged Unit Dimensions (in) 24" L X 24" W X 34" H 24" L X 14" W X 24" H
Packaged Unit Dimensions (cm) 60.96 L X 60.96 W X 78.74 H 60.96 L X 35.56 W X 60.96H
Actual Weight 37 Lb / 16.783kg 67 Lbs / 30.391kg
Packaged Unit Weight 62 Lbs / 28.123kg 72 Lbs / 32.659kg
Power 115V or 220V
Scaler: 28,000Hz - 30,000Hz
850W (1.25HP)
Tank Volume N/A 6 Liters
Air Flow N/A 91 L/min(3.22 C.F.M)
Limited Warranty 2 Years = Chassis (frame), Internal Components, Ultrasonic Scaler PC Board, Scaler Handpiece

1 Year =  Three-Way Air/Water Syringe

6 Month = Low Speed Polisher, Fiber Optic HighSpeed Handpiece (except tubrine)

3 Month = Scaler Tips, Scaler Sleeves, Scaler Tip Wrenches, Turbine for the High Speed Handpiece, Lamp Module
 1 Year Limited Warranty if sold separately, except filter

2 year Limited Warranty if sold together with the Mobile Unit, except filter.

3 Month = Air Filter