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Combo Portable Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler and Electric Motor


 Item# 200444ME    without Light

Item# 201507ME     with LED Handpiece

SP200 with Ergo Basic Handpiece
Optional Upgraded E-Type Motor Kit

Optional Upgraded E-Type Electric Motor Kit


SP200 as seen comes standard with the Ergo Basic Handpiece. Optional Ultra LED Handpiece and upgraded E-Type Motor available.

The SP200 is a self contained Scaler/Polisher workstation. The unit requiring only electrical connection includes a 500ml self-pressurized reservoir that can be filled with water or medicaments. The ideal unit for clinics requiring extra mobility or for offices without plumbing. Scaler tips offer linear movement to speed calculus removal and minimize noise and heat. Wide tip selection including endodontics, apical surgery and periodontal. The SP200 is also available with an optional LED scaler handpiece. Standard E-Type Motor accepts most E-Type attachments. Optional “Lab” or upgraded E-Type Electric Motor Kit available.

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External Dimensions (in.) 9"W X 10"L X 3.5"H
External Dimensions (cm) 22.9W X 25.4L X 8.9H
Packaged Unit Dimensions (in) 12.1"W X 9.3"L X 6.5"H
Packaged Unit Dimensions (cm) 30.8W X 23.5L X 16.5H
Actual Weight 4.6 lbs   2.1kg
Packaged Unit Weight 7 lbs  3.2kg
Scaler Power 28,000Hz to 30,000Hz
Electric Motor Speed 0 to 35,000rpm
Voltage/Hz 11V/60Hz or 230/50Hz
Limited Warranty ** Refer to Policy Section **
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Optional Ergo Ultra LED Handpiece available
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